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    Minimise Risk Around Pools
    Ensure your pool fence meets safety standards
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    Protect children around pools
    Drowning is a leading cause of preventable deaths in children
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    Take Necessary Safety Precautions
    Ensure your pool fence is compliant

Swimming Pool Fence Inspections

Currently, 95% of existing swimming pool fences do not comply, that need to meet current Australian Standards.

It is your responsibility as a pool owner to ensure your pool fence complies with Australian Standards 1926.1-2012 and the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

All swimming pools and spas containing more than 30 cm of water must be surrounded by a compliant pool fence.

Pool Fencing Regulations

Are you aware:

  • All swimming pools and spas in New South Wales must be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, as of 29th October 2003.
  • From 29th April 2016 all NSW properties with a swimming pool or spa pool require a certificate of compliance before they can be sold or leased.
  • All Swimming pools in New South Wales will be inspected for compliance under Council's new ongoing pools inspecton program until all pools have been inspected and reach compliance.
  • All swimming pools Australia wide will be inspected for compliance at some stage as part of Council's new pool inspection program.

Pool fencing laws and compliance apply in all states of Australia and must comply with Australian Standards. All states and territories in Australia are in various stages of reviewing their pool fencing laws.

Information for Property Owners

Find all the information and current legislation for your state on the property owner information page.

Information for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents must be aware of pool fencing laws for properties being sold and leased.

Our Inspection Process


Book pool fence inspection.


Make a booking through our booking page. Our booking form takes less than a minute to complete!


We will schedule an appointment.


We will schedule an appointment at the property to conduct the pool fence inspection.


Issues rectified.

Rectify Issues

We have contractors who can help you obtain a pool fence compliance certificate.


Compliance Certificate recieved.

Compliance Issued

Your pool fence is now compliant and issued with a certificate of compliance.

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